June 17, 2021

Website Design Lessons Learned #1

I build websites using WordPress and Elegant Themes, and several times I have come across a problem that is so quirky and hard to solve.  You would think Google would help, but no.

Some of these issues have come in learning the backend, with hosting, and especially FTP servers.

And some have come from WordPress and especially  Elegant Themes.

So, today, here’s my tip.
If you ever have ‘featured images’ or other content just not show up, even though it looks like it uploads, check out where the content is set to upload.

Under Settings, Media, look at the folder it is set to use.  As one person recommended, paste the default in, save, refresh your site, then remove it, and save again.  Try uploading your image.  For me, it’s worked!  (This has happened twice when moving a site, so it must be that folder path just gets botched.

Hope that helps someone!

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