June 17, 2021

Life Update

I’ve been trying to work on my photography and develop my photography site, so I haven’t taken too much time to write.

But, I do have several recipe posts ready to go, just need to add the pics from iPhoto! And some friends and I have had some great conversations lately on Facebook, on several interesting topics, such as what “spoiling” a child is and how to guide a child to do chores and generally be a responsible person. I’m hoping to bring those thoughts and more here, and keep the conversation going!

On a slightly lighter note, we’ve also been discussing the journey toward eating more healthily (which can take many forms it seems), and the journey toward organic eating.
On that note, I’m working on a post about steps to start eating organic. Any particular questions or tips you think I should cover?

On the home front, little dude is not walking yet, but he is eating more, and yesterday he said “bye-bye” AND waved at the same time, both of which were firsts! Silly boy, you can do one at a time, we’ll still be totally impressed! 🙂