June 17, 2021

Weekly Kitchen Goal: Research making kefir

Hmm, this is a favorite of the little guy, and of mine too. I hear friends talk of making it, time to see how, and why, I might do that!

Weekly Kitchen Goal: Clean and season cast iron

Kitchen goal of the week:  Figure out how to clean and season the new-to-me Le Creuset grill pan I snagged at a garage sale for $10!
It’s the enamel part of it that has me a little confused, as normal cleaning methods for used cast iron seem too harsh.
Anyone have any ideas?

Coming soon…

Over the next few weeks, here are the posts I’m hoping to get up! This will help keep me on track, and I’ll provide links once the posts are up!

-a list of our favorite recipes, including links to ones that haven’t been majorly modified
-why we avoid Nestle products (at least some of the reasons why!)
-Several favorite recipes
-And more!

A brownie update

So I’m up to three brownie fails now!  At least the last batch was edible, but it’s edible as something like lava cake or even fudge!  Oy!

This recipe was carob specific, so I’m thinking the problem may be the egg substitute.  We’re thinking eggs aren’t the culprit for our poor little guy’s allergy woes, so hopefully I can try the real thing soon!

What’s that? Another brownie fail?

And here is brownie fail number two…


And this is AFTER they baked for 20 minutes longer than the recipe called for. Methinks there is an issue with melting carob chips en masse. Sigh.