July 10, 2020

Brownie FAIL.

So I tried to make brownies tonight.

And I suppose “try” isn’t the right word. I made them all right. They just STUNK!

A few critical details…

  • I’m allergic to chocolate.  Therefore, these were made out of carob.
  • (Related to the first point, this does mean that I haven’t had a real brownie in, oh, 16 years.  And it’s been a good 5 since I’ve had a carob brownie, which were store-bought.)
  • I thought I’d try the whole black bean brownie craze I’d heard so much about.  I love black beans, so what could go wrong?
  • I’m trying not use eggs, in an attempt to solve my poor little guy’s eczema.  So these were vegan, using banana in place of eggs.

I kid you not, for quite a while it seemed like none of those factors were going to be an issue!  No, it seemed like the death knell for these brownies was that the recipe inexplicably called for cinnamon.  And not just a little bit, but a whole tablespoon!  Don’t know why that didn’t strike me as much too much.

But, alas, when they came out of the oven, after baking them for a good 10-15 minutes longer than the recipe said, they weren’t brownie-like at all, just completely gooey. Gee, with mashed bananas and beans, should I really have expected NOT gooey?!  Oh yeah, and they tasted strongly of cinnamon!

No yummy carob dessert for me tonight. (Well, except for the several handfuls of carbob chips I ate after the brownie debacle!)

Do you have a STELLAR homemade brownie recipe?  Preferably more fudge-y than cakey? Lay it on me!  🙂


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